“Institution of excellence in providing Sound fiscal and public financial management to achieve sustainable development”.

The Ministry of Finance is the government’s money administrator/manager. The Ministry serves the public as the supervisor of collecting agency, public investment manager, chief accountant as well as provider of fiscal relations and budgetary expenditure management. The Primary responsibility of the Ministry specified on section (104) of Zanzibar Constitution of 1984, Public Finance Management Act 2016 and Public Procurement and Disposal Act of 2016, MKUZA III and other national development strategies.

  • The Ministry setting and implement the government tax policy, financial and fiscal policies.
  • Development of government overall fiscal and financial strategies with intentions of acquiring sufficient resource to finance the governments expenditures. 
  • Facilitate plan, support and coordinate national financial sector development issues.
  • Negotiate and administer major financial arrangement with Donors.
  • Custodian of the government Asset and responsible to manage both public asset and liabilities in prudential and professional manner.
  • Creating an enabling environment for investment.

Core Value
The Ministry of Finance is committed to providing timely, professional, responsive and high-quality services to clients through the efficient use of resources. It is therefore important that the Ministry to have an organization culture that is built upon a common set of core values that offers a guiding framework to all employees as they work in their various capacities to support a vibrant and self-reliant development of our Government.

Collaboration/Team Work  - Each individual contributes to the completion of assigned tasks and recognizes the contributions of others.
Integrity - Each individual shall maintain high ethical and moral standards in our conduct reflected by honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, and confidentiality in executing our duties.
Professionalism  - A specific style of behavior in the workplace.

  • Respect for self and for others
  • Know- how to providing quality services through the efficient use of our resources.
  • Mature responsibility
  • Problem solving perseverance

Good governance - Democracy, equity, rule of law, transparency, and accountability are major pillars in our Institution.
Fiscally Responsible -  We treat and utilize all Government resources carefully and judiciously.
Loyalty -  Allegiance to the government and other stakeholders.
Timeliness  - Reliable and timely delivery of Services.